Corona-Virus in Germany -Cancellation of trade fairs - who will compensate me for financial losses?

The COVID 19 corona virus has arrived in Germany. The economic impact of this virus affects companies around the world and for a variety of reasons.

Who is affected?

The trade fair industry is directly and without exception affected. Trade fairs have already been canceled all over Germany; in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich. It is not yet clear which of the parties involved will have to bear most of the damage at the end of the day.

However, the exhibitors are definitely affected. The costs for exhibition stands, for the rental space in the exhibition halls and for hotels and flights were firmly planned. Now, however, there are high cancellation costs, even though the trade fair itself is not taking place.

Corona-Virus: Can I get compensation for my financial losses?

The German authorities have not ordered the cancellation of the trade fair events due to Corona. Perhaps also because the conditions for a pandemic are currently not met. For this reason, the force majeure clauses that are usually part of all contracts are probably not applicable. Since there has not been a comparable case in Germany since the Second World War, there is no established case law of the German courts. This may give companies and exhibitors the opportunity to have their damage compensated. And regardless of whether they come from home or abroad.

Contacting GÖDDECKE Lawyers

We know that you don’t need legal advice or a solicitor every day. But when you do, you can rely on the team here at GÖDDECKE Lawyers. Our aim is to provide accessible, tailored legal advice together with outstanding value for money, all to secure the best possible outcome for you. If you or your entreprise suffered losses and damages due to cancellations of fair trades in Germany, please contact us via email ( or call our solicitors on 0049/2241-17330. We´ll be happy to help.
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